2012-09-13: Release 01.08.03 is available. Read more about it in the News and Announcements.

What is interp?

interp is a powerful programming language. Check-out the language features, then take the tour. It is targeted for Linux/Unix-based systems, yet remains adaptable to less powerful embedded systems that were never intended to host a programming language.

You can use interp interactively, write programs with it, or externally script your interactive sessions (e.g. through files.) You can write extensions to the language and add the missing bits you need.

This package contains all the source code for the interpreter and instructions for building it. The documentation directory (DOC/) contains the language reference manual, a pocket guide, a tutorial, sample programs, API documentation, a man page for the Linux build, and two porting examples that will help you migrate to the embedded computer of your choice if desired.